Some truly amazing artists have lent their talents to creating my social images. Check them out!

"Samurai RedVonix" by R3dFive

This image was created for my trip to Tokyo Game Show in 2018! R3dFive did a FANTASTIC job. It was easily the social highlight of my trip as everyone loved it. R3d is more traditionally a hentai artist, creating 'video game hentai art', but if you're down with that be sure to check out his super quality NSFW talents on Twitter at

"Demon Warrior" by Eric Blomquist

My good friend and compatriot on a number of projects, Eric Blomquist, created this awesome social image in his own unique style, feature RedVonix as a dark Demon Warrior! Be sure to check out Eric's Twitter and see the incredible work he does and games his art is featured in at

"Mad Scientist" by Ropnolc

The social image that started it all... Ropnolc - the incredible 'Art Dog' working on A Purrtato Tail - made this piece when I wanted something unique, and he nailed it amazingly hard. Check him out here and be sure to hire him for your art needs:

"Red" by TheImaginaryKing

TheImaginaryKing is a skilled artist creating awesome original works and fan imagery like this awesome Red image! Go give her a follow: