Mission Statement

1.) I Don't Play by Their Rules.

Some people just strap on in and follow the world to the letter, never drifting from established rules and guidelines. Doing that has literally never once worked for me. Being myself, being honest, and being willing to speak up when it needs to be said has taken me much further than staying on the beaten path. I won't sugar coat anything, because I respect you and your time far too much, and when the 'standard accepted guidelines' aren't going to work - I'll propose new guidelines. Because sticking with what's broken simply because it's the standard is good for absolutely nobody.

2.) I Take Pride In Anything with My Name On It.

I am my brand, and when people see something with my name on it, it's important to me the product is excellent. I've turned down projects because their marketing strategy would have caused the product to fail, and I've taken on projects because I knew it was something that would have a long term effect on its players.

3.) If I Don't Know It, Give Me Five Minutes.

The mark of a good developer is someone who can solve problems, iterate, and adjust things on the fly. The mark of a great developer is someone who can admit when they don't know something, and take a moment to learn it. No one person knows everything, but we have a duty to pick it up if we don't know it. Anytime someone asks me a question, if I don't know the answer, I'll tell them to give me five minutes so I can learn it.

Red is a highly experienced designer, engineer, and team lead with nearly 20 years experience creating entertainment software from the ground up. Getting his start in 2001 as an intern for a small game studio in Denver, CO - he immediately assisted in taking their product TubeTwist from a title in need of direction, to a game that won multiple awards. Red has founded three studios, has shipped a multitude of products, reads and speaks a growing amount of Japanese, and still hasn't found his invisible pet unicorn Sparkle Stick.