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Red has been working in games since 2001, which means his career will soon be old enough to drink. He's worked with both top and unknown brands/companies and everything in-between. He's founded studios, worked on mobile games, computer games, console games, and even an arcade game. He's built and led production teams, worked on his own, failed, succeeded, and lived to do it all again.


 Studios and Companies

  • Gaslight Studios

    Red's first company, found back in 2008. The studio grew fast, and even won a competition to show an in-production title at GDC in 2009 - but alas, the studio was not meant to be. Any good entrepreneur learns through their mistakes, and Red learned lots when he crashed this company straight into the ground.

  • Cerulean Games

    Red's second company, founded in 2009 as a contract house to produce new games and assist other developers with their titles. Using what he learned in the failure of Gaslight Studios, Red was able to make Cerulean Games a success - one that is still around today, as the little blue studio that could prepares to celebrate its 10th year of business.

  • Drunk Robot Games

    Desiring a properly focused outlet to develop his own titles, RedVonix setup a new studio with exactly that in mind - and in 2016 Drunk Robot Games was brewed into existence. The small company takes everything Red has learned over nearly two decades of developing games and puts it to action in developing the kinds of games he wants to make.

 Assisted With / Worked On

  • 2064: Read Only Memories

    The infamous MidBoss hired Red to assist with the console ports of 2064: Read Only Memories along with helping to integrate new features, fix bugs, and perform general game updates.

  • Bloodwash

    Puppet Combo needed someone good with console ports to help bring their games to consoles - the first of those that Red worked on was Bloodwash! He brought this fun slasher title from PC to Xbox One, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

  • No One Lives Under the Lighthouse

    Continuing his work of porting games for Puppet Combo, Red brought this slow burn creepy horror title from PC to Xbox One, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

  • BoneTown

    The well-known adult game that paved the way for "adult video games that are actually video games", produced by D-Dub, brought in Red to help with programming tutorials, and integrating controller support.

  • BoneCraft

    Having already worked with Red on BoneTown, D-Dub brought Red back in for the sequel to help with controller integration and some various gameplay tasks.

  • Cypher Kid's Club Letters & Numbers

    Needing someone who could understand the emerging world of Augmented Reality, Red and his team were hired via Cerulean Games to produce a game where kids could use real-world cards to learn about letters and numbers in AR.

  • Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch

    Having already worked with Red on Shinobi Ninja Attacks and the console ports of Super Comboman, Interabang Entertainment hired Red to develop the engine, editors, and gameplay code for their branded title about the titular Jay & Silent Bob.

  • Major Brand Theme Park in China

    A theme park who's properties are a household name needed a series of experiences to be developer using the Kinect 2 sensor. They hired this out and the studio they hired brought Red in to handle engineering on a few experiences, and flew Red out to China for 7 weeks to help with the on-site install of all 12 interactive experiences.

  • Redemptions Guild

    Unlit Games needed a little help wrapping up their major VR MMO - Redemption's Guild, and hired Red to help wrap up some integrations and interactions so they could focus on polish and product release.

  • Spartan Fist

    Glass Bottom Games, having been connected to Red for a long time, knew of Red's collection of support tools and wrappers he has written for Unity, and asked him to help integrate some of those into Spartan Fist.

  • Super Comboman

    Interabang Entertainment wanted to bring Super Comboman to PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, and needed someone with experience working on both platforms. Red was brought in to do exactly that, and brought the game to the finish line on both consoles.

  • Super Text Mesh (Unity Asset)

    Red found a number of ways to help improve the amazing Super Text Mesh asset from Kai Clavier, who was more than happy to work with Red to bring performance enhancements to his widely used product.

  • TubeTwist / TubeTwist Quantum-Flux Edition

    While working a day job back in the 2000s with 21-6 Productions, Red helped make their title TubeTwist a popular, multi-award winning success as a design lead, programmer, and community manager.

  • VRPatients

    VR Training - but in the world of Virtual Reality! This amazing company with a long-standing history in the medical fields hired RedVonix to work as a senior engineer on their primary virtual reality training product.


  • Unity 2D Game Development

    Client: Packt Publishing

    Project: Write a book aimed for mid-ranged Unity developers on how to build 2D games in the Unity game engine.

    Details: Yeah that's right - I wrote a book for Packt publishing (and it's even got my real name on it from before I started going by RedVonix)! It's one of the worst rated books out there for making games in Unity, but I'm still happy to have something published in print, even if most people hate it.

 Original Games

  • A Purrtato Tail

    Red's biggest project to date, A Purrtato Tail puts the player in the paws of Queen Pixel, leader of the Potato Cats! In a platforming JRPG adventure with puzzle elements, Pixel must unravel the mystery of the Nightshades while seeking the abducted Elderstar, in a plot that is going to end everything on the Isle of Moar.

  • My Voodoo Valentine

    A small Facebook game made for a long since past Valentine's Day, My Voodoo Valentine allowed players to pick one of their friends that they want to be their valentine, or want to punish, slap their photo on a voodoo doll, and show them how they really feel with fire, darts, and more.

  • Runic

    Runic on Steam

    One fateful morning, the sun rose and never set again. As perpetual day roasts the world, crops wither and life starts to fade. A lone mortal ventures into the ancient temples to beg the Celestials for help - and they answer. Travel alongside the Celestials themselves as the story unfolds as you match Gemstones, free Elemental Pixies from Runestone prisons, discover powerful piece combos, and solve the mystery of the Eternal Sunrise.

    Red built this title from the ground up as a pattern-matching based Match-3 engine, integrated upgradeable items, a dialog system, boss battles, and built the entire game with porting it to consoles in mind.

  • Santa's Special Delivery

    It's Christmas Eve, and Santa is PISSED. He's got good kids, bad kids, and kids so insanely rotten, the only thing he can give them is a code brown from his own downtown. Jump in the Sleigh of Santa as he makes his trip around the world in this retro Arcade game, with the only between-stage minigame that features Santa sitting on a chimney and delivering justice.

  • Tumblecaps Retro

    A match 3 with a spin - a physics spin! Pixelated bottlecaps drop as the player must tap three or more and then pop them to turn them in! But don't delay - the screen is filling, the timer is dropping, and your fingers gotta tap as fast as they can!

 Built for Clients from the Ground Up

  • Battle for Wall Street

    Client: iConcepts

    Project: Produce a game where the player builds and runs a Wall Street trading firm.

    Details: Developed for the Wall Street focused publishing studio iConcepts, Red's studio Cerulean Games was hired to handle production of the game itself, along with server development, and project management.

  • Dad by the Sword

    Client: Rocketcat Games

    Project: Produce the core code elements needed to develop Dad by the Sword.

    Details: Hired directly by Rocketcat Studios, Red was responsible for programming the base code for Dad by the Sword including Enemy AI, procedural level generation, weapons, and more - all helping to bring this unique game about Your Dad to  life.

  • Face Tats

    Client: Super Deluxe

    Project: Develop a clone of the popular 'Build Word' casual game using elements from the Tobasko Sweet brand.

    Details: In Red's second title with the now defunct Super Deluxe, his studio was hired to handle the full production and release of this unique tattoo themed word game.

  • Five Card Quest

    Client: Rocketcat Games

    Project: Develop a casual dungeon crawler with card-based battles.

    Details: Red's first big project with Rocketcat Games, he was brought in to handle the programming and production of a unique idea that the studio wanted to experiment with.

  • Idle Balls

    Client: Super Deluxe

    Project: Develop a clone of the popular 'bouncing ball' game type.

    Details: Super Deluxe needed a development house to help produce hyper-casual titles, the first of which being a clone of a popular game about tapping bouncing balls. Red handled the full production and release of this tripped-out title through his studio, Cerulean Games.

  • King of Trading

    Client: iConcepts

    Project: Develop a stock market trading sim that used real stock market data.

    Details: iConcepts sought to produce a second stock market game, this time focused directly on the trading itself. Having already worked with Red's studio Cerulean Games on King of Wall Street, they were hired a second time to produce this all new product.

  • mHealth TLC

    Client: UCSF

    Project: Develop an interactive simulator representing the process of seeing a doctor and communicating with office staff regarding lung cancer.

    Details: UCSF discovered that patients going into lung cancer therapy needed help understanding how to interact with the staff, and Red's studio Cerulean Games was hired to make an interactive capable of teaching patients exactly that.

  • Out on a Limb

    Client: FifthSeeker Games

    Project: Take a paper-sketch concept for game mechanics, and design / develop a video games based on those.

    Details: Hired by a school teacher turned game designer, Red's studio Cerulean Games was tasked at taking a raw game mechanic and turning it into a video game. The mechanic worked great as a game about growing trees, which is exactly what it became.

  • Power Rangers Samurai SMASH!

    Client: Curious Brain

    Project: Develop a mobile brawler based on the Power Rangers Samurai TV series.

    Details: For the days of Power Rangers Samurai, Bandai Namco wanted a mobile game. They hired out the work to Curious Brain who in turn hired Cerulean Games to handle the development work itself, through a team managed by Red who also did all game programming.

  • Shinobi Ninja Attacks

    Client: Shinobi Ninja

    Project: Develop a mobile brawler based on the Shinobi Ninja band.

    Details: The first game Red produced through his newly formed Cerulean Games studio, the New York band Shinobi Ninja wanted a brawler produced featuring their band members fighting their way through the streets, the subway, and more to get to Club Babylon and put on their best show ever for the fans. Red worked as the engineer on the product, and was partnered with Interabang Entertainment who did the art.

  • Steve Aoki's BeatBomb

    Client: Deckstar

    Project: Develop a mobile game for Steve Aoki based on his stage presence

    Details: Being recognized for working smoothly with bands and brands from his work on the Shinobi Ninja title, Red's studio Cerulean Games was suggested to Deckstar when Steve sought to have a video game produced using his iconic imagery and tunes. Red led a team and worked as lead designer and programmer to bring this fun Match-3 title to life for the iPhone.

  • Ultimate Game Guide for NES

    Client: ContriCode Productions

    Project: Rebuild the existing but problematic Ultimate Game Guide for NES app.

    Details: Pat the NES Punk had a problem - he had a great app, but it had problems and needed some major overhaul work done. Red took on the project, and built the library app from the ground up as an entire new project increasing its features and capabilities, and adding in some features that were greatly requested from his community.

  • Wilbur's Fun on the Farm

    Client: Mongadillo Studios

    Project: Develop a mobile game for kids based on Wilbur.

    Details: Produced through a client for the Canadian kid's TV series, Red programmed the game from the ground-up to work on multiple mobile devices with the imagery produced by his artistically skilled client.